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Burlap Automatic Pilot's Watch

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Proudly based in Hong Kong, Burlap fake watch company is a young brand that aims to embody the spirit of their home city in their products. After careful consideration and several design stages this new company is ready to debut their first model, the Burlap Automatic Pilot's Watch. With a simple, high quality accessible design, this fake watch is meant to fit easily into any enthusiast's collection while delivering a satisfying and comfortable experience. Best of all, it comes in a variety of configurations to match a range of personal style preferences and is also considerably affordable.

Building on the traditional pilot's fake watch aesthetic, the Burlap Automatic has several key features that wearers can appreciate. Perhaps the most impressive detail is the large and legible dial, which comes in several textured colors. It fits well with the 43mm case size and the case itself is 316L ion plated stainless steel. Unlike many of today's pilot-style watches, Burlap took care to dramatically increase the curvature of the lugs for a slightly more comfortable fit on smaller wrists. At the case's 3 o'clock corner we find a large 'onion?crown that is both easy to operate and capable of supporting the watch's 50m water resistance.

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The dial itself is, in a way, both minimal and highly legible. Large Arabic numerals adorn the 12, 6, and 9 o'clock positions while a nicely framed day/date window fills in the 3 o'clock slot for extra utility. Dial text is kept very restrained and the adequately sized altimeter-style sword hands allow for an easy and pleasant time telling experience. Once again, Burlap will be offering a range of dial and lume color options to help customers find a style that they love. Above the dial is a sapphire crystal with a layer of anti-reflective coating and at 6 o'clock we're reminded that these timepieces are proudly "Built in HK" ?a distinction that refers not only to the brand's creation, but the design concepts, quality checks, and relentless pursuit of quality that is deeply-rooted in the city's culture.

Behind the mineral crystal exhibition caseback wearers will find a Miyota 8 Series (M8205) operating within. This 21-jewel automatic mechanical movement provides 40+ hours of power reserve and proves to be a reliable choice for an everyday fake watch like the Burlap Automatic. It is also low maintenance and can be serviced by any watchmaker, so it's easy to keep your Burlap Automatic running for years to come. Like the case and dial options, the Burlap Automatic can be paired with several high quality calf leather (with contrast stitching) and nylon strap options to fit your style.

The Burlap Automatic Pilot's fake watch serves as a great option for anyone seeking a versatile timepiece that is affordable and easy to wear. It offers a great balance of sporty and dressy design traits while providing wearers with a reliable mechanical movement. The brand's Kickstarter campaign is now live and Early Bird pricing for the Burlap Automatic Pilot's fake watch starts at $269 USD. Pricing will increase to $299 USD after 48 hours but you'll still have the duration of the campaign to purchase the fake watch at a discounted price (full MSRP is $465 USD).

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